Gypsy Secrets: 4 Simple Ways to Wear a Tank Top

This week on Gypsy Secrets, we will be exploring the wonderful world of tank tops. Now I know, you're probably thinking: "Really Nikki? Tank tops are not even that special.", but hang on with me just a second here. Tank tops are one of the most universal pieces in the fashion world! Sure, can they be plain and kind of boring?; absolutely, but that's what makes them such a staple for your closest. Trust me, tank tops can be your bestest friend if you let them. Dont believe me? Just check out these 4 simple ways you can wear your tank tops this summer. 


1. Simply Add a Few Necklaces

Want to keep your tank top the center of attention of your outifit, but still want to add a little pizzaz to it? Well friend, your answer is necklaces! A little jewelry goes a long way and putting on a necklace over your tank adds a special look. Doesn't matter the length, cut, or color of them because each one can bring a different feel and style. You can even do the hip thing (yes I said "hip"; I'm showing my age now) and layer short and long necklaces together. Take any favorite necklace, try it out, and if you are on the hunt for some new jewelry, check out our 'Jewelry' selection!

2. Pair With a Button Up Shirt 

Grab your favorite flannel or that cute chambray shirt from your closest and throw it over your tank top. This is the perfect way to achieve that casual street look while not having to put too much effort in! The benefit of wearing a button up shirt is that they alone can be worn in so many different ways. You can tie it around your waist, leave it unbuttoned, button it up halfway, tie the ends together-- the possibilities are endless!

3. Tuck It In 

Yup, this one is pretty self explanatory. Take any pair of your best fitting jeans or even linen pants, put those beauties on, and tuck that tank top in! Now you don't have to go all in like grandpa style, but you can create a nice flowing tuck by evenly pulling the tank almost all the way out of your pants. This can achieve a complimentary look to your figure, but it works best with a loose-fit tank top.

4. High Waisted Shorts 

High waisted shorts and tank tops are honestly a match made in Heaven! They are easily paired together and give off many different styles depending on the type you wear. High waisted shorts will give the perfect allusion of a flatter tummy and lengthen your legs. Add any pair of strappy shoes and you're good to go!